Water Damage Photo Gallery

Storage items effected by water

These boxes were in the storage area of this family's home, and the water effected most of the boxes. We do our best to salvage all personal items that are effected. It's important to call us in ASAP when you realize you have a water damage.

Bathroom sink used to extract water

When a water loss occurs, there are plenty of times that we need to extract the water from the floor. In this case, like many cases, we extract the water into the bathroom sink. It's very easily done and the area can be free from water quickly.

AC Leak

Summer time is great, but AC leaks can happen. This is a perfect example of what may happen from an AC leak. Luckily, we are always available to fix the problem once you see that it is happening. It's something that is easily fixed and handled.

Machines running, water damage

This is a picture of a water damage we are currently working at. This is the equipment that is necessary for drying down an area of this size, as well as the hardwood flooring. Air movers and dehumidifiers take of the water damage before it can form further damage.

Water damages effecting businesses

Here's a water damage that occurred at a huge retail space, with tons of dressing rooms. It took us quite a few days, and tons of equipment to get the entire space dried down properly. Luckily, we did it as quickly as possible so that business wouldn't be effected for too long.

Water Damage at a High End Retail Store

This is the second time there has been a water damage at this high end retail store on the Upper East Side. She has the first floor space, as well as the basement. We came in right away to make sure the problem was solved quickly. This second water damage was definitely less damaging then the first one, but still effects her business.