Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Manhattan

There's never a suitable time for water damage to hit your Manhattan commercial property. Every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost productivity and revenue. Our crew has the training, expertise, and equipment to restore your property to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of Upper East Side will make it “Like it never even happened.”

Containment for mold

Mold can spread easily, so it's very important to contain the area. We are professionals when it comes to all types of situations, so we definitely keep the mold contained to one area until it is gone! We test the area as well to make sure it is no longer effected.

School with mold

This school had a serious mold issue, that luckily we were able to contain and fix. The issue could have been very bad for the students and teachers of the school. Their health could of been effected heavily by this amount of mold. It's important to call us in asap, so we can fix the issue.

Problems looming above the ceiling.

You never know the kinds of issues that can be happening above your ceiling, until someone gets a bad cough or you smell an odor. This building had mold above the ceiling. Luckily we were able to come in and deal with the situation quickly.

Mold took over this basement!

This home had a water damage, prior to us being called in. Therefore, this led to a serious mold problem in their basement. It's important to deal with these issues when a water damage happens, as mold can form quickly. We come with the products and supplies to avoid these kinds of issues.

Toyota Job

We often work on cars at Toyota dealerships. They call us in to make sure the cars are cleaned, and ready to be sold. Sometimes the cars just need a deep cleaning, other times they may have mold or other issues that we need to deal with. There's never a task too big or small for us!

SERVPRO of Upper East Side

SERVPRO of Upper East Side dedicate their time and effort‘s to help people restore their homes or businesses in times of miss fortunate incidents. Here is SERVPRO, we pride ourselves in making sure we do the best job possible answer and surpass customer expectations. But most of all, we love to build relationships with our customer.

Rain or shine, we get the job done. 

SERVPRO of Upper East Sidevmake sure that we serve our community by strengthening relationships and maintaining our love for the city.