Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Manhattan

If your hotel, apartment building, small office building, large retail store, or restaurant in Manhattan experiences a water damage emergency, our crew can help... READ MORE

Mold in a closet

The closet in these pictures was heavily effected by mold. We had to put containment up in the rest of this house in order to keep it from getting infected as w... READ MORE

Basement with mold

This basement in the house of a home, with tons of storage and other items, had mold that needed some serious remediation. As you can see in the pictures, it re... READ MORE

Mold near a children's play area

When a mother is concerned about her children's play area, she calls us immediately to make sure that problem gets taken care of! You can't have children being ... READ MORE

Mold in basement laundry room

A family's laundry room is very important! They need to be able to use that room any time that they need to, especially a family with kids. This house had an is... READ MORE

AC leak led to mold

This customer had an AC leak that then led to a serious issue of mold under their flooring. We had to take up the flooring and then made sure the get rid of any... READ MORE

Mold under floor

This building had mold grow under the hardwood flooring from a previous water leak, that they did not call us in for. Luckily, we were able to get in there and ... READ MORE